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Construction equipment - Over the RiverThe Issues

According to Christo's own website, the project will be a 3-year disruption during construction and removal, requiring lane closures and more. This is not simply the 2-week "inconvenience" as pitched to the media, politicians, and the permitting agencies.

Other issues which have not been resolved are:

  • Disruption of wildlife and interference with their watering, feeding, breeding, etc.
  • Destruction of the environment.
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance response impeded due to congestion/multiple vehicle accidents.
  • Inability of thousands of local residents to work or to obtain food, potable water, mail, medical and veterinary care.
  • Disruption of our usual tourist and local recreation opportunities.
  • Negative economic impacts to those whose living depends on traversing the canyon.
  • Greatly increased danger for multiple casualty accidents due to people gawking, slowing, stopping, photographing the project.
  • Garbage and human waste left by crowds of onlookers.

See photo documentation of some of these issues, plus a sample of the destruction from one of Christo's previous projects.

For more information on these and even more issues, contact us and we will send you a complete treatise of the problems this project will cause.

Sign on Arkansas River Colorado - reason NO to ChristoHow to find out more

View ROAR's 2009 presentation to Front Range Regional Advisory Council

Check our News and Events and Docs & Pics pages.

Visit Christo's website to see his proposed design and calendar for the project.
Then read our Point-by-Point analysis. (MS Word Document)

Presentation to the Citizens Task Force, July 18, 2006. (MS Word Document)

How to get involved

Become involved in ROAR's efforts to stop this destructive project in the Arkansas River's Bighorn Sheep Canyon: