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OTR delayed indefinitely - not happen in 2015These archived pages may reference or link to documents or external resources which have since been deleted, moved, or are otherwise no longer available.

June 28, 2013: IBLA Issues Ruling on Private Appeal

On Friday, June 28, the Interior Board of Land Appeals(IBLA) rendered its decision in support of BLM's Record of Decision permitting the proposed "Over the River" (OTR) Project.
This administrative ruling by the Interior Board of Land Appeals(IBLA) changes nothing about the points in ROAR's two lawsuits, one against BLM in federal court and one against the Colorado Parks Board in state district court.

Following the IBLA decision, Michael Harris, ROAR's Lead Attorney for federal case said, "We can now move on from the agency high-jinks and into federal court where we can get an unbiased review of this project. We fully expect the court to find that the OTR project approval is illegal."

The OTR project is still indefinitely delayed with no estimated start date for construction and no display date.
We expect to have new information in the coming weeks and will post it here. We are awaiting further details from our legal counsel.

ROAR remains committed to stopping OTR from ever being constructed and displayed due to the project's destructive nature for people and wildlife. We thank you for your continuing interest and support of ROAR's fight to protect the Arkansas River, Bighorn Sheep Canyon, and all the area's residents.

Other background and archived information:

Federal District Judge Kane prohibited any and all OTR construction or other physical progress until further notice from the courts. Read more about OTR's delay and the lawsuits. (September 12, 2012)

Read more about ROAR's Federal lawsuit vs BLM.

Read about ROAR's legal challenge of Colorado State Parks' agreement to permit "Over the River."

Read ROAR's informational brochure outlining current OTR issues.

To our members and supporters:

ROAR's Board of Directors would like to thank you for your continued support. This is NOT over yet! And please, keep in mind that we can still use your support. In addition to the Federal lawsuit against BLM, we continue with the Stete lawsuit against Colorado's Department of Parks and Wildlife. Click on the Paypal logo at left, or contact ROAR to find out how you can help. We appreciate you!

ROAR's official objections fall into two major categories:

1. Management Policies and Laws in the proposed project area.
These include items such as conflicts with current and historical management missions and directives, protection of specific wildlife and environment in the project area, restricted surface activities (such as drilling), visual intrusion, and other management directives.
Our concerns also include violations of federal laws by the BLM when they approved the project and relate to requirements of the Federal Land Management Policy Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.
2. Specific adverse affects that will result from all phases of the 3-year presence of OTR.
Our comments cited specific and significant impacts to area residents, such as safety and emergency response; restrictions to public access; major traffic delays; economic impacts to area businesses and jobs, particularly to recreation industries; environmental degradation to wildlife, habitat, air and water quality.

Find out more about ROAR's concerns with OTR

Click through our website links to learn about:

  • How the influx of the projected 344,000-400,000 tourists will create a traffic nightmare on the narrow 2-lane canyon highway (U.S. 50).
  • How emergency and fire personnel will have great difficulty responding to accidents or fires in the canyon or surrounding area.
  • Concerns as to the increase in visitors also bringing more litter and human waste to the canyon.
  • Permanent defacement of the riverbanks.
  • Bighorn sheep, elk, deer and other wildlife kept from accessing the river for water.
  • Bald and golden eagles kept from fishing and hunting.
  • Difficulty, or even impossibility, of fishing of these waters.
  • Negative economic impact on commercial and recreation industries that travel the canyon daily.

Most importantly, you will find out how you can help support this effort to prevent the destruction of the Bighorn Sheep Canyon of the Arkansas River in Colorado!

ROAR has worked very hard to provide information and analysis on "Over the River." We have left some of our older documentation here on our website so that you may learn or review some of the details of OTR. One project analyzed OTR's construction and traffic management plans as presented to the BLM for the EIS. View the definitive In-Depth Traffic Analysis Report.

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