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To preserve and protect the headwaters of the Arkansas River, the Bighorn Sheep Canyon, its inhabitants and the communities that depend upon them.



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Federal Lawsuit Documents:

ROAR's informational flyer outlines the latest OTR developments, unresolved problems that still exist, and what you can do to help us protect Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Arkansas River environs and its residents. Feel free to download and print copies of this 2-sided tri-fold document to share with others.

Read ROAR's analysis that exposes the traffic problems and safety hazards of OTR's construction plan.
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Recent articles and published letters:

Recent print and Web polls show most citizens oppose OTR.

Fremont County Sheriff opposes OTR.

Read his letter to Fremont County Commissioners.
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ROAR's recent comments to Fremont County for OTR permit:

Fremont County Commissioners ultimately approved the Use Permit for OTR to proceed once all other required permits are in place. However, this approval comes with a multitude of additional requirements and conditions that OTR must fulfill.

July 25, 2011: Lawsuit Filed in Opposition to State Parks Action

Government Agencies that control Bighorn Sheep CanyonRags Over the Arkansas River (ROAR), Arkansas River Fly Shop and ArkAnglers filed a lawsuit Friday, July 22, 2011 charging the Colorado Board of Parks and Outdoor Recreation with violating its own regulations by permitting the Over the River Corporation to use the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Parks facilities, for up to five years, for a large-scale, industrial art exhibition over the Arkansas River between Salida and Canon City.

Please read more.

ROAR's comments to BLM on the FEIS
Read the letters referenced in ROAR's comment letter:

Archived Documents and Letters

Photos that document some of the objections to Christo's "Over the River" project

Colorado State Parks and BLM Informational Signs in Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Christo's Rifle Gap project.

Copper Gulch Road as an Alternate Route?

Environmental: Soil Disturbance Promotes Noxious Weeds



River Canyon Respect PropertyCanyon Information Signs

These photos show you some samples of the signs posted in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA) sites and BLM areas, most of which are in proposed OTR display areas. They point out the fragility of the riparian, wildlife and other environmental features, some notable historical remnants and necessary respect for private property.

The signs below are interactive - move your mouse over them for a closer look.

The bighorn sheep, which this canyon is named for, have developed into a very healthy population. They have especially thrived since the Railroad went out of use in the 1990's. The abandoned tracks across the river from car traffic and virtually all human access has provided a safe corridor for them. Canyon visitors love to watch these wild creatures.

Apparently the state and federal agencies who oversee this habitat endorse the care of these animals and their habitat, as evidenced by the agency insignias on the signs along the canyon.



Travel with Care in the River Canyon riparian habitatThe sign at right is at the west end of the Pinnacle Rock recreation area. It explains a bit about the riparian (riverside) habitat of the Bighorn Sheep Canyon. From grass to trees, insects to fish, birds to mammals, all are interdependent for survival. Human intervention does have an impact, and can be catastrophic!

If we are instructed to be so careful in this environment, how can an invasive, destructive project such as Christo's Over the River drapes even be considered here?

(Remember to roll your computer mouse over the sections of the sign to read each point listed.)

Below, the Kingfisher is one of the river inhabitants detailed on the "Travel with Care" sign.

Kingfisher Arkansas River Colorado