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Copper Gulch Road: Alternate Route?

US 50 Traffic stopCopper Gulch Road (Fremont County Rd. 27) has been proposed as an alternate route in case of accidents or other incidents on US Highway 50 where the "Over the River" project is planned. The photo at right was taken in March, 2007, right after a fatal auto accident just down the road. The hay truck that is pulled over (photo left) had to wait there for 3-4 hours. Drivers on the side road to the right are heading for the Copper Gulch detour. No directions were given and the road sign is ambiguous. Many of these folks ended up way to the south with no direct continuing route to their destination of Canon City and beyond. A 25 minute drive turned into 3 hours or more.

For those who found Copper Gulch, they got a taste of why this is not an optional route. Take a look at these photos of the route and you decide if it seems like a feasible detour for tourist, business and emergency vehicle traffic.

West end of proposed detour roadWest end of Copper Gulch Rd.

Several water dips in road impassableThe road dips through several open culverts for rainwater diversion.

Open Range - cattle may be on road Cattle may be on the road. Careful around those curves!

25 mph limit

no trucks

25 foot limit for vehicles

15 mph


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