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The Rifle Gap Debacle

Distant View of Rifle GapIn 1971 Christo and Jeanne Claude erected the "Valley Curtain" project near Rifle Gap, Colorado. Two attempts at stretching miles of fabric between natural canyon walls failed miserably. To support the fabric, tons of concrete and structural steel "I" beams were used, and remain at the site to this day. Because the land was privately owned, public input was minimal and meaningless. Public officials were very supportive since notoriety and money speaks louder than environmental concerns. It is unknown how much the landowners were paid for the use of their property, or what arrangements were made regarding clean-up and restoration. We can only guess from the structures that remain to mar this once beautiful canyon that money, again, spoke louder than action.

All photos displayed were taken from the highway and are visible to travelers. Do you want this unsightly construction debris to deface the Bighorn Sheep Canyon?

Rifle Gap concrete bunker - Christo trashThe "bunker" - one of several similar huge supporting concrete structures.

Christo concrete trash Rifle GapThe "coffins", near the highway, appear to have already slid a distance down the hill.

Leftover steel I beams Christo's debirs I" beams - solid steel, unlikely to deteriorate in the next several hundred years.

More metal trash.

The natural beauty of the Gap as seen from a distance.



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