About ROAR

Who We Are

ROAR began simply as a group of concerned citizens responding to the spectre of Christo and Jeanne Claude's "Over the River" project through specified sections of the Arkansas River's Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The reference to the "Rags Over the Arkansas River" evolved into the acronym ROAR.

We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the headwaters of the Arkansas River, the Bighorn Sheep Canyon, its inhabitants and the communities that depend upon them.

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ROAR's Origins

Original sign- Leave Your RAGS in New York City, Christo

How ROAR Operates

ROAR, Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization in Colorado. As such, we operate with a Board of Directors. We are advised by Denver-based lawyers who specialize in environmentally impactful operations such as gas, mining, water permitting and environmental concerns. Our Board and our membership span a broad cross-section of population and professions. Membership includes both canyon area residents and regular visitors who value these special surroundings. We count among our members business leaders, politicians, doctors, nurses, firefighters, outfitters and guides, artists, scientists...the list goes on.

As a grass-roots organization, everything is done by volunteers. All membership fees and other donations are applied directly and exclusively to the direct costs of accomplishing our mission. There are no administrative costs. We have found great strength and influence in this coordinated coalition.

Please Contact Us for more information, to Donate or to Join ROAR. Thank you.

Fishing on Arkansas River Colorado - NO to Christo